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Mad about koi.

Passionate about ponds.

Fascinated with filters. 

It's the Northern Koi Club!



The Northern Koi Club was formed as an independent club on 2nd April, 1993 by a group of established koi-keepers with the aim of promoting the hobby as widely as possible without the burden of rules & regulations that beset many other clubs – a proud fact is that we have no rule book!

Keeping Koi is what it's all about, making sure that they are healthy, they are fed and they live in the correct environment for us to enjoy. An added bonus to this is that your pond and garden look nice as well!

The advantage of belonging to a Koi Club is that you can meet up with like-minded people and discuss any problems you may have with your Koi or seek advice on pond-building, filtration or the latest piece of equipment. You will also have the opportunity to visit members' Koi ponds which you will always spot something which you think will be a good idea for your own pond.

Regular meetings and activities such as Open Days (when members open their ponds and gardens for other members to visit), coach trips to other Koi clubs and Koi shows, and social events such as our annual dinner (usually held in February or March), are held.

The Northern Koi Club has many experienced Koi-keepers who are more than willing to offer help and advice.

Members of the Northern Koi Club mostly live in and around Greater Manchester, including parts of Lancashire, Cheshire and Derbyshire. 


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